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Trade Agreements Act Federal Acquisition Regulation

“Publication of proposed regulations,” 41 U.S.C. 1707, is the law applicable to the publication of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Point (a)(1) of the Statute provides that a policy, regulation, procedure or form of procurement (including an amendment or amendment thereto) is to be published for public notice where it relates to the use of fine funds and has a significant effect beyond the Agency`s internal operational procedures, which issue the policy, the regulation, procedure or form. or has a significant impact on costs or administrative costs on contractors or suppliers. This final rule should not be published for public notice, as it only adapts the thresholds according to predefined formulas in order to adapt to changes in economic conditions and thus maintain the status quo, without having a significant impact on the government`s internal operating procedures. Indiana has a strong manufacturing sector. The top three manufacturing industries are industrial equipment, automotive, aerospace and defense. If you`re a manufacturer in Indiana, then there`s a good chance you`re making items that will eventually be sold to the federal government. The TAA may limit the purchase of goods and services for federal contracts if the program management office decides to verify compliance with the TAA. In many ways, the TAA replaces the Buy American Act because the TAA authorizes the president to waive the Buy American Act under certain conditions.

Subsection 25.4 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) contains guidelines for compliance with the TAA. [2] In general, a product is TAA compliant when manufactured in the United States or a “designated country”. Among the designated countries, the BAA generally applies to contracts with a federal agency valued at more than $25,000 and below the TAA threshold. The current TAA thresholds are $182,000 for delivery contracts and $7,008,000 for construction contracts. While this is an oversimplification, it means that baa generally applies to delivery contracts valued between $25,000 and $182,000 and construction contracts worth between $25,000 and $7,008,000. . . .