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Subject Verb Agreement With Quantifiers Ppt

(to be killed) • 5. Umkulthoum and his sister ________ Sociopaths. (To be) walk want kill are S/V Agreement – Intervention phrases Doctors run doctors to the local hospital • ________ (To run) • , _ _______ the hospital requests immediate treatment. (To be stormed) • , _ ________ full to the brilliance of corpses. •_________ to help people in times of crisis. (To open) who are afraid beyond rational thinking, Local storms that are not designed to cope with so many deaths at once, The county morgue The county morgue is the owner The owner of the local grocery chain opens subject/verb convention – “And/Or/Nor” convenient • Write three pairs (presen) pairs (an incorrect version), a correct version) with “and” to connect the themes of a sentence.