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Autodesk Trueview License Agreement

*Each product in these suites has a separate license. Autodesk® Software is not sold. On the contrary, we grant it to the end user under the terms of a software license agreement. Autodesk Software License Terms may vary depending on the specific product of the software and the version you have licensed from Autodesk, as well as the specific geographic region in which you purchased your software license. Your subscription to an offer is valid for a fixed period of limited duration, the duration of which must be indicated at the time of purchase and must be indicated on your purchase confirmation or other offer notification. If no length is specified, please contact us at and we will determine and confirm the duration of your subscription. You are also responsible for the security of your account and all activities related to your account. This means (among other things) that you (i) ensure that only your authorized users use the offers linked to your account and (ii) save and do not transmit the user`s usernames or passwords (except with authorized account administrators). If you suspect unauthorized use of your account, please contact You are not required to provide Autodesk with any suggestions for improvement, suggestions, or other feedback (together “Feedback”), whether in combination with a trial or otherwise, unless otherwise specified in the specific terms of an offer. However, if you provide feedback, you grant Autodesk a non-exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, worldwide, free license (with sublicense rights) to create, use, use, offer, reproduce, modify, distribute, publicly display and display, disclose and otherwise use.

License Type: The license type specified by Autodesk for a subscription (for example.B. single-user or multi-user). License types are defined under subscription types. We generally provide our software license agreements as a click-through license within each software product. Please respect the software product corresponding to the software license agreement that applies to that software. If you do not have another agreement directly with Autodesk that regulates and modifies your use of Autodesk software products, you are subject to the terms of the software license agreement that is attached to the software product. . . .